Ozone therapy is a treatment involving the infiltration of oxygen and ozone, in the form of a mixture produced by a machine, into an area surrounding the hernia or the area affected by inflammation. Ozone is a natural gas, has an anti-inflammatory effect and its molecule consists of three oxygen atoms O3. Ozone has many biological effects: anti-inflammatory effect, anti-oedema effect, pain-relieving effect, antibacterial effect, antiviral effect, dehydration of the pulposus intervertebral nucleus and immunomodulatory effect. It is possible to perform intradiscal ozone therapy or intradiscal nucleolysis procedures for the treatment of hernias (cervical, dorsal or lumbar). In this case ozone therapy, after a couple of weeks of administration, induces dehydration of the tissue and a decrease in the volume of the hernia, which eliminates compression on the nerve roots, resulting in a reduction in pain. This therapy is gaining increasing acceptance due to its effectiveness and absence of side effects.

Ossigeno Ozonoterapia - - Dr Giuliano Lo Bianco - Specialista in Anestesia e Terapia del dolore

Dr. Lo Bianco performs oxygen ozone therapy in Palermo in his private practice, or in hospital in cases where the ozone therapy procedure involves a day surgery regimen.

The costs of the performance of ozone therapy carried out by Dr. Lo Bianco vary according to the level of complexity of the procedure.

The main techniques of ozone therapy used in the treatment of lumbosciatalgia are:

Ultrasound-guided paravertebral infiltration: it is performed by injection between the lumbar paraspinal muscles (multifidus muscle and longissimus muscle). Paravertebral infiltration has an anti-inflammatory and locally decontracting effect.

Intraforaminal technique: percutaneous access is made at the level of the vertebral conjugation foramen and ozone is administered locally

– Discal nucleolysis with ozone: involves the injection, under local anesthesia and X-ray control, of Medical Ozone inside the vertebral disc to be treated.


Alessandra, 43 years old, has been suffering for many years from lumbar back pain with irradiation to the lower limbs, tingling and paresthesias; for the past few months she has been forced to walk using crutches. Alessandra was referred to doctor Lo Bianco’s office by a friend. At the first visit she was prescribed a lumbosacral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electromyography (EMG). From the diagnostic investigations and the objective examination, Dr. Lo Bianco diagnosed bilateral lumbosciatica caused by an L4/L5 hernia. Alessandra therefore underwent intradiscal nucleolysis with ozone (O3), which involves the percutaneous application, under loco-regional anaesthesia and radiological control, of a needle into the pathological disc through which medical ozone is injected. Today, Alessandra, also following a course of post-operative physiotherapy, has resumed walking without crutches and performing the normal activities of daily life that were previously impossible for her.

“I contacted Doctor Lo Bianco after years of lower back pain with sciatica; I was desperate. Today, thanks to him, I have taken back my life and no longer feel any pain. I highly recommend him to everyone.” Alessandra


Mr. Franco, 72 years old, suffers from lumbar pain exacerbated by his movements, as a result of which he can no longer take care of his garden as he used to. Over the years, Franco has undergone various physiotherapy sessions and pharmacological treatments, burdened with significant side effects (drowsiness, dizziness). Moreover, Franco, being diabetic, cannot take cortisone or resort to glucocorticoid infiltrations. After an internet search, Franco went to doctor Lo Bianco’s office, requesting oxygen-ozone therapy treatment. After an accurate anamnesis and a careful examination, doctor Lo Bianco instructs him to perform a cycle of ultrasound-guided paravertebral oxygen-ozone therapy to exploit the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action of the oxygen-ozone mixture. The treatment is safe, quick to perform on an outpatient basis and has no side effects. Today, Franco, after finishing the infiltration cycle, has resumed active care of his garden.

“I still can’t believe what Doctor Lo Bianco has done! After years of pain and inability to perform certain movements, I can finally go about my daily activities without that annoying pain. Thank you Doctor Lo Bianco, I couldn’t have chosen better, I will definitely recommend you!” Franco

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