Slide Dr. Giuliano Lo Bianco Specialist in Anesthesia and Pain Therapy
Fellowship Trained; PhDs in Neuroscience


At the age of 25 I graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Palermo with a grade of 110/110 and honors, mention and Nicolosi prize. In the same University I obtained the specialization in Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy with a score of 50/50; I subsequently specialized in Pain Therapy at Basildon University Hospital, London, UK.
I deal with Pain Therapy in the Anesthesia Department of the Giglio hospital in Cefalù.
I am a teacher of the II Level Master in Pain Therapy at the University of Palermo.

“Pain medicine and neuromodulation are my life’s work and I’m incredibly passionate about it.”

What is chronic pain?

The essential characteristic of chronic pain is its persistence over time after the cause has been resolved; pain significantly affects the quality of life and the removal of the pain symptom coincides with the disappearance of the disease.

Chronic Pain Scale

Main activities

Antalgic epidural

Ultrasound-guided infiltration of the spine

Ultrasound guided infiltration of the shoulder, knee

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

Radio frequency

Main pathologies treated

Herniated Disc (Lumbosciatalgia and Cervicobrachialgia)

Stenosis of the lumbar canal

Joint Facet Syndrome


Joint Pain Syndromes (Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle)


Algological assessment

The treatment of chronic pain begins with a correct algological diagnosis, in which an assessment of pain and sensitivity is made through specific tools.

Ultrasound-guided infiltrative therapy

The infiltration allows through the injection of drugs with anti-inflammatory and / or lubricating activity to treat the painful pathological. The use of ultrasound allows you to identify the correct target.

Epidural therapy

The epidural analgesial is indicated in patients with cervical or lumbar radiculopathy resulting in a herniated disc.

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