In pain therapy, infiltrations are suggested in the presence of a chronic painful pathology resulting from inflammation. Infiltrations can be of various types, depending on the pathology to be treated: anaesthetic and cortisone-based, hyaluronic acid-based or oxygen-ozone-based. Infiltrations, whether diagnostic or therapeutic, are performed as an outpatient procedure with local anaesthesia.

Dr. Giuliano Lo Bianco, a medical specialist in Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy, performs infiltration treatments in Palermo at his private practice in Via Ugdulena, 30, and at the G. Giglio Foundation in Cefalù.

Infiltrations with cortisone or hyaluronic acid are particularly indicated in the treatment of certain joint diseases, such as arthrosis. In the case of hyaluronic acid, which is mainly used in cases of gonalgia of traumatic origin or gonarthrosis, the therapy aims to act at the source of knee pain not only by reducing its intensity through instant lubrication of the joint pad, but also by preventing the contamination of inflammatory cells in healthy tissue. Other applications of infiltration therapy are cases of cervico-brachialgia and cervicalgia, in which case the infiltration is done in the perineural area, i.e. near the nerve structure. The same technique is used in cases of sciatica, lumbosciatica or lumbago that may arise due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve from a herniated disc, which is more common in cases of patients under 50 years of age. Another common origin of sciatica is arthrosis of the hip, which predominantly affects the elderly population.

Different types of infiltration

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